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OUR CHAPTER'S PAST PRESIDENTS!  We are grateful to all these members for their generous contributions and dedication to our chapter now and in the past.

 Year  President
 2018Rosa Espinal-Perry
 2017 Kristina Grant, CPLP
 2016Kathy Akbari, PHR, SHRM-CP
 2015Brian Kingsbury, CPLP
 2014 Rene Ledford
 2013 Anita Torres, CPLP
 2012 Milana Thielen, CPLP
 2011 Bob Lucas, Pilot Pioneer CPLP
 2010 Crystal Melton
 2009 Todd Whisenant
 2008 Bill Sawyer
 2007 Lisa Spahn
 2006 Barry Altland
 2005 Betsy Montague
 2004 Charlotte McDonald
 2003 Gordon Barcalow
 2002 Anne Kynast
 2001 Michele Carpenter
 2000 Kathie Kunkel Holland
 1999 Tony Higdon
 1998 James Bunsa
 1997 Bonita Sivi
 1996 Charlie Walsh
 1995 Bob Lucas, Pilot Pioneer CPLP
 1994 Roberta Schreiber
 1993 John Cline
 1992 Carol Tuttle
 1991 Carolyn Planck
 1990 Sue Carroll Clapp
 1989 Mark Morgan
 1988 Joseph Sefcik
 1987 Ann Meier, Ph.D
 1986 Joanne Karimi
 1985 Leilani Poland
 1984 Al Dagon
 1983 Jean MacCuspic
 1982-1981 Patricia Burgay







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