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    • February 10, 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EST)
    • Zoom Digital Encounter


    When you share your thoughts and ideas with others...

    • Do you ever feel like you are NOT being heard?
    When others share their thoughts and ideas with you…
    • Do you wonder how your response could impact them?

    Empathy is very important in many aspects of our lives and according to the 2020 Mercer Global Talent Trends study, "organizations that lead with empathy are more energizing."

    Benefits of Empathy

    Well-being | Connection | Relationships | Personal Growth

    Creativity | Satisfaction | Engagement | Productivity

    In this facilitated workshop, you will:

    • Learn more about empathy and the "traps" that may hinder your communication
    • Self-reflect to connect with your experiences and raise awareness
    • Discover personal insights to expand your empathic potential for self and others
    • Share ideas to learn with and learn from others

    Format: 120 min facilitated Interactive Virtual Learning Experience

    Learn more about the session and Mya!

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    ATD Talent Capability Model

    Building Personal Capability: Communication, Emotional Intelligence & Decision Making, Cultural Awareness & Inclusion, Lifelong Learning

    Developing Professional Capability: Learning Sciences, Career & Leadership Development, Coaching

    Impacting Organizational Capability: Performance Improvement, Change Management, Future Readiness

    Mya Kwan

    About Your Facilitator: Mya Kwan

    Mya has a p

    assionate mission to inspire and support others development, and be inspired by them. She designs insightful learning experiences and facilitates to global audiences in Hong Kong, China, USA, UK, and Australia on a range of topics across various industries in the corporate and education sectors.

    My brings unique global perspectives with an international background and certifications in multiple learning and development tools. When facilitating, she is driven by her desire to foster impact and purpose for the participants by delivering learner-centric, interactive, and insightful programs.

    In her down time she likes reading personal development books and attending workshops to gain new insights as well as running, hiking, and exploring new recipes for cooking and baking.

    Continuing Education Credits: ATDCFL's programs have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards professional development hours for initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. This program is approved for a maximum of 2.0 hours.

    • February 16, 2021
    • (EST)
    • September 21, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 8 sessions
    • ZOOM

    A Virtual Learning & Networking Event


    How Do You Best Support the Modern Worker?

    Let's point out a few facts.

    • The L&D industry was already riding a tidal wave of change over the last few years.
    • We just condensed about seven years of innovations into nine months.
    • Many people in the corporate workforce now work remotely.

    So, where do we fit in as L&D professionals? Has our role changed within the workforce? If so, how? How does all this change impact the ways we support our workforce and clients? Over the course of the next year or so, this Special Interest Group will help us better answer these questions, along with many others. Before you can go on any journey, you must understand where your starting point is. That's the goal of this first event. Where are we, as learning professionals, in relation to the rest of the industry, the expectations of our business organizations, as well as our personal careers. Once we understand this, we can better chart a course to success in the current environment. Some of the topics you can look forward to are:

    • Moving the classroom to Innovation Labs
    • Learning engagement lessons that Internet Marketing has already mastered
    • Taking the virtual experience and make sure they are not just “yet another meeting”
    • Making your content look visually appealing and finally getting past the “creative” hurdle
    • Discovering the various ways others are successfully delivering content to their learners
    • Learning the how to develop different types of media.
    • Identifying efficient strategies for creating digital support materials – job aids/cheat sheets/workbooks…oh my!
    • Defining what gamification really means and how you can finally do it yourself

    This group is meant to be an interactive experience that has once per month live elements, as well as assignments for you to do between events. Our goal is to touch on many different aspects of the ATD Capability Model, as we go through the year.

    Register now to join us as we attempt to navigate the choppy waters of change and innovation together.

    ATD Talent Capability Model

    Topics covered during the sessions will focus on these areas:

    Building Personal Capability: Communication, Collaboration & Leadership, Project Management, Lifelong Learning

    Developing Professional Capability: Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, Technology Application, Training Delivery & Facilitation, Coaching, Knowledge Management, Career & Leadership Development, Evaluating Impact

    Impacting Organizational Capability: Organization Development & Culture, Data & Analytics, Consulting & Business Partnering, Talent Strategy & Management, Performance Improvement, Change Management, Future Readiness

    • April 12, 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom Digital Encounter

    Fearless Adventures in Learning


    Successful people are resilient. They got to where they are by pushing through setbacks and learning from their mistakes. Why, then, don't our students?

    At F.A.I.L. University, failures are part of the fun. Its “Fearless Adventures In Learning” quests model research-based skill-building motivation strategies (GamED) for teachers to employ in their learning environments. You can make games that inspire your learners to unwittingly cultivate 21st Century, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Common Core, Bloom’s higher-order thinking skills. And, of course, grit.

    From this webinar you will learn about how F.A.I.L. University encourages learners of all stripes not to give up. After attending this session, you will be able to:

    • Describe the benefits of GamED 
    • Assess the gaming preferences of your learners
    • Choose appropriate GamED design lesson strategy(ies) for your learning environment
    • Access free resources that will support your GamED design strategy

    ATD Talent Capability Model

    Building Personal Capability: Communication, Project Management, Collaboration & Leadership, Lifelong Learning

    Developing Professional Capability: Instructional Design, Learning Sciences, Training Delivery & Facilitation, Technology Application, Evaluating Impact

    Impacting Organizational Capability: Performance Improvement, Change Management, Future Readiness

    Jeremy Royster

    Jeremy Royster is a transformative curriculum author with extensive experience intrinsically motivating students through personalized instruction.  As an adjunct instructional technology professor he has proven expertise amplifying engagement through his online gamified classroom.  Certified in Technology Education (PK-12) and Education Technology Leadership (CETL), Jeremy also creates live-action escape rooms for his middle school students.

    Continuing Education Credits: ATDCFL's programs have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards professional development hours for initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. This program is approved for a maximum of 1.0 hours.

Past events

January 13, 2021 Performance Analysis with Guy Wallace
December 15, 2020 Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking w/Todd Cherches
December 10, 2020 ATDCFL Holiday Mingle
December 09, 2020 What Millennials and Gen Z Want in the COVID Era as The Future of Work Continues to Unfold w/Dr. Terri Horton
December 07, 2020 Instructional Design Fundamentals with Jennifer De Vries
November 30, 2020 E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
November 21, 2020 Casual Connections & Coffee
November 17, 2020 The Digital Workplace: What Capabilities Do You & Your Organization Need w/Chris Coladonato
November 16, 2020 ATD Instructional Design Certificate
October 27, 2020 Optimizing the Virtual Learner Experience w/Keith Keating
October 24, 2020 Casual Connections & Coffee
October 20, 2020 How To Stay Focused And Productive In A Virtual World with Austin Bauer
October 14, 2020 Performance-Based Curriculum Architecture Design with Guy Wallace
September 29, 2020 Navigating Pandemic Disruption: Blending Learning for the New Normal and Beyond w/Emily Ullberg
September 26, 2020 Casual Connections & Coffee
September 24, 2020 Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem with JD Dillon
September 22, 2020 The Learner Experience Boost: Quick Wins to Use Today w/Tiffany Vojnovski
September 17, 2020 ID Fundamentals to Driving Innovation w/Myra Roldan
September 10, 2020 Design Thinking: From Theory to Application (Part 2: Application Use Case) with Keith Keating
August 29, 2020 Casual Connections & Coffee
August 27, 2020 Design Thinking: From Theory to Application (Part 1: Theory) with Keith Keating
August 25, 2020 Hack Your Box For a Sustainable Life w/Jimbo Clark
August 18, 2020 Canceled: Self Compassion in the Workplace w/Sara Schairer
August 17, 2020 JobHunterZ: Social Media for Career Seekers
August 17, 2020 Facilitating Virtual Training Certificate
August 13, 2020 Preparing Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow: Evolution of L&D with Keith Keating
August 11, 2020 Embracing the Digital Workspace with Adrian La Sala
August 05, 2020 TechSpace eLearning SIG: HTML5 Responsive Tools
August 05, 2020 Intro to Virtual Learning Activities with Jo Cook
July 27, 2020 Job Hunterz: Interviewing in a COVID World
July 22, 2020 ATD Certification SIG!
July 21, 2020 Master Your Next Interview w/Suzan Hochstetler
July 15, 2020 The Art and Science of Crafting Killer Facilitator Guides with Pat Michaels
July 14, 2020 ATDCFL July Executive Board Meeting
July 14, 2020 MacGyver Your Training & Create Raving Fans with Valary Oleinik
July 13, 2020 Job Hunterz: Stand Out! Best Practices for Updating Your Resume
June 29, 2020 Job Hunterz SIG: Kick Off!
June 24, 2020 Hospitality Anew - Reopening L&D Strategies with Jason Raimondi
June 18, 2020 Financial Literacy 101 with Cheryl Blakeney and Calen Potter-Valmond
June 17, 2020 TechSpace eLearning SIG: Articulate 360
June 15, 2020 ATDCFL Volunhero Info Session
June 11, 2020 ATDCFL Networking Event with Zizo Aku & Rosa Espinal
June 09, 2020 ATDCFL June Executive Board Meeting
June 03, 2020 Selling to the Seller with Roger Grannis
May 19, 2020 ATDCFL May Executive Board Meeting
May 12, 2020 From Teammate to Manager with Patty Oji
April 16, 2020 Storytelling with Data with Zsolt Olah
March 10, 2020 ATDCFL March Executive Board Meeting
March 04, 2020 Immersive AR / VR with Debbie Richards
February 21, 2020 Think In & Out of the Box with Jimbo Clark
February 07, 2020 Organizational Conflict Management with Dr. Diana Herrera
January 24, 2020 HappEness & Employee Well-Being with Kendra Davies
January 16, 2020 Learning Experience Design QnA with Niels Floor
January 13, 2020 Learning Solutions and TrainingMag 2020 Conference Raffle
December 11, 2019 Holiday Xtra and Facilitator Showdown 2019
December 06, 2019 Traditional Learning "Ain't nobody got time for that!" with Aaron King
December 04, 2019 Digital Portfolios for Learning Professionals with Ashley Chiasson
December 03, 2019 No More Boring Lectures for you with The Training Clinic
November 14, 2019 eLearning Design Basics with Alexander Salas
November 07, 2019 Training Can't Fix That! with Leah Yeatts
October 17, 2019 Avoid Assessment Pitfalls with Cara North
October 16, 2019 UCF Instructional Design and Technology Open House
September 26, 2019 September Power Member Event
September 10, 2019 Personalization tips for onboarding with Carol Cohen
September 05, 2019 Writing Learning Objectives with Dr. Lorin Anderson
August 22, 2019 Voiceover Tips for eLearning with Royal Jaye Joyner
August 09, 2019 Weekend in Learning and Development Conference- WILD 2019
July 17, 2019 Training vs Learning Facilitation Workshop
July 09, 2019 Turning eLearning designs into EPIC comic strips with Linda Lorenzetti
June 18, 2019 Storytelling for Powerful Learning with Hadiya Nuriddin
June 13, 2019 LMS Strategies for Business Results with Alex Salas and D2L
May 29, 2019 Summer Sizzle 2019 - Going Back To College
May 13, 2019 Building eLearning Portfolios with Ashley Chiasson
May 08, 2019 Thriving Over Stress and Empowering Leadership
April 08, 2019 Animations for Scenario-based eLearning Experiences with Tracy Carroll
March 26, 2019 2019 Learning Solutions Conference & EXPO
March 04, 2019 Storytelling for Learning with Rance Greene
February 22, 2019 S.A.F.E. Virtual Reality Store Robbery Training with Fraser Bowie
February 18, 2019 Adaptive Learning Basics with Aaron King
January 29, 2019 Improv’ing Learning: Exploring the Power of Purposeful Play with Jordan George
January 24, 2019 Space Coast Grow Your Network with Anita Torres
January 19, 2019 Monica Cornetti: Level One Gamification Certification for Talent Development Professionals
December 13, 2018 2018 ATD Central Florida Holiday X-travaganza and Trainer Showdown
November 01, 2018 Give Kids the World Volunteer Recruiting/Fundraiser
October 26, 2018 Learning Battle Cards Webinar: A New Approach for Designing Better Learning Journeys
September 10, 2018 ATD Member Appreciation Week
September 06, 2018 Webinar: Q3 Town Hall Meeting
August 25, 2018 CPLP Study Group
August 15, 2018 Corporate Learning Week Registration Raffle
August 15, 2018 Sententia Games: Gamification for Learning Development
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July 21, 2018 2018 W.I.L.D. Conference!
July 13, 2018 2018 W.I.L.D. Premium Sponsors!
July 13, 2018 2018 W.I.L.D. Program Advertising!
July 12, 2018 Summer Sizzle @ Full Sail Studios
June 28, 2018 Grow Your Network - Space Coast
June 21, 2018 Facilitating Webinars: Best Practices
June 08, 2018 Webinar: Q2 Town Hall Meeting
May 18, 2018 2018 Evolution of Learning Request for Speakers
May 17, 2018 Webinar: Blended Learning What's the Right Balance?
April 19, 2018 Getting Buy in With the C-Suite!
March 27, 2018 2018 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo!
March 15, 2018 Grow Your Network
March 08, 2018 Webinar: Q1 Town Hall Meeting
February 15, 2018 Webinar: The State of Learning
January 18, 2018 ATDCFL 2018 Kick Off!
January 01, 2018 2018 ATD National Events in Orlando FL - ChIP Code 9133
December 13, 2017 2017 ATD Central Florida Holiday Extravaganza and Trainer Showdown
November 17, 2017 Really Rapid Instructional Design
November 16, 2017 Conducting Training Games and Activities
October 21, 2017 2017 Member Appreciation Day
September 08, 2017 2018 Board Election Nominations
August 24, 2017 Using Motivational Beliefs to Predict Behavior and Improve Performance
July 21, 2017 2017 W.I.L.D. Conference/Expo/Summer Sizzle Late Registrations!
July 21, 2017 2017 W.I.L.D. Bicycle Sponsors!
July 21, 2017 2017 W.I.L.D. Program Advertising!
July 21, 2017 2017 W.I.L.D. Premium Sponsors!
May 02, 2017 Webinar: State of the American Workplace
April 20, 2017 Crucial Conversations:
April 11, 2017 Webinar: Training Doesn't Work if Performance is the Goal!
March 25, 2017 Monica Cornetti: Level 1 Gamification Certification
March 22, 2017 2017 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo!
March 15, 2017 Webinar: Bibbity, Bobbity, BOO! No More Boring Lectures for You!
March 01, 2017 Sententia Games: Gamification for Learning Development
February 21, 2017 Webinar: Webinars That WOW!
January 19, 2017 Engaging Employees with Micro Learning
January 19, 2017 Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick: Igniting the Inner Fire
January 18, 2017 Webinar: Sticky Learning!
December 15, 2016 2016 ATD Central Florida Holiday Extravaganza and Trainer Showdown
December 09, 2016 Carlann Fergusson: What Executives Say About You Behind Closed Doors
November 12, 2016 2016 Member Appreciation Day
October 13, 2016 Talent Management for Bench Strength Development
September 17, 2016 Monica Cornetti: Level 1 Gamification Certification for Talent Development Professionals
August 25, 2016 Kizzy Dominguez: 5 Secrets to Transform Training Through Gamification
July 28, 2016 Monica Cornetti: Game the System™ - The Basics of How and Why to Gamify your Training Programs
July 21, 2016 4th Annual Summer Sizzle
May 24, 2016 Carlann Fergusson: Sharing Secrets to Increase Leadership Success
May 18, 2016 Glen Bull Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement
April 28, 2016 Caja Kelly: Speedback Feedback!
April 19, 2016 Kizzy Dominguez: 5 Secrets to Make Learning Stick
March 24, 2016 Tim Brock, Ph.D. CPT: High Impact Human Capital Strategy
March 16, 2016 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo!
February 16, 2016 Ken Phillips: Boost Training Transfer!
February 15, 2016 2016 Training Magazine Expo!
January 28, 2016 2016 KickOFF!
December 28, 2015 2015 Save the Dates!! Click to see future meeting dates!
December 17, 2015 ATD Central Florida Holiday Extravaganza and Trainer Showdown
November 17, 2015 Talents for Tolerance!
November 13, 2015 2015 VIRTUAL eLearning Day - Exchanging Ideas with Industry Experts
October 27, 2015 Get R.E.A.L. with Anita the Passionista!
October 17, 2015 Member Appreciation Event
September 17, 2015 Show Me the Money! Panel Event
August 27, 2015 Making Change Stick!
July 23, 2015 3rd Annual Summer Sizzle
July 09, 2015 Talent Booster: Interactions in Articulate Storyline 2
June 25, 2015 “Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer”
May 28, 2015 Talent Booster: Facilitating is Training
April 14, 2015 Coaching Across Cultures: Leveraging Cultural Differences for Creativity, Unity and Purpose
March 31, 2015 Virtual Event: I HATE CONFERENCE CALLS! Redefining Virtual Collaboration
March 25, 2015 2015 Learning Solutions Field Trip Group Meetup Email List
February 24, 2015 Oscar and the Terrible, Very Bad, Horrible Interview
January 27, 2015 January 2015 - Ice, Nice, Baby!
December 11, 2014 CFC-ASTD Holiday Extravaganza and Trainer Showdown
November 07, 2014 2014 Membership Retreat
September 26, 2014 Advanced eLearning Day - Getting to Know Your Tools
September 17, 2014 Leadership Virtual SIG Series - "Are you a Leader Worth Following?" - Session 3 - Give Yourself
August 28, 2014 August Evening Program - Trends in Talent Development
July 29, 2014 July 2014 Program - Summer Sizzle
July 23, 2014 Leadership Virtual SIG Series - "Are you a Leader Worth Following?" - Session 2 - Choose Yourself
July 15, 2014 ISD Bootcamp
June 26, 2014 June Evening Program - Crucial Confrontations/Accountability
May 22, 2014 May Evening Program - Career Development
April 29, 2014 April Evening Program - Building Your Leadership Bench
April 04, 2014 ASTD Suncoast Virtual Event E-SIG: Open Source to Crowdsource: The Wonders of WordPress as Performance Support Virtual Meeting
March 22, 2014 ASTD National Events in Orlando FL - ChIP Code 9133
March 20, 2014 March Evening Program - EQ in Decision Making
March 13, 2014 Learning Technologies SIG
March 07, 2014 ASTD Suncoast Virtual Event Test Me Out!
February 21, 2014 Introduction to eLearning and Learning Technologies
February 12, 2014 Virtual Event: Delivering Engaging and High Quality Webinars
January 30, 2014 January Networking Event
January 27, 2014 Learning Technologies SIG
December 12, 2013 Learning Technologies SIG
December 03, 2013 CFC-ASTD Holiday Extravaganza and Trainer Showdown
November 07, 2013 November 2013 Program
November 01, 2013 Community Events - See what's happening in our area
October 21, 2013 Leadership Mastermind Group
October 11, 2013 2013 Membership Retreat
September 24, 2013 September 2013 Program
September 12, 2013 eLearning/Technology Mastermind Group
August 27, 2013 August 2013 Program
August 01, 2013 eLearning/Technology Mastermind Group
July 23, 2013 July 2013 Program
June 27, 2013 June 2013 Program
May 30, 2013 May 2013 Program
May 08, 2013 eLearning/Technology Mastermind Group
April 23, 2013 April 2013 Program
April 01, 2013 eLearning/Technology Mastermind Group
March 21, 2013 March 2013 Program
February 19, 2013 February 2013 Program
January 24, 2013 January 2013 Program
November 29, 2012 CFC-ASTD 30th Anniversary Celebration
October 23, 2012 October 2012 Program
October 05, 2012 2012 Membership Retreat
September 27, 2012 September 2012 Program
August 30, 2012 August 2012 Program
July 26, 2012 July 2012 Program
June 28, 2012 June 2012 Program
May 22, 2012 May 2012 Program
April 26, 2012 April 2012 Program
March 20, 2012 March 2012 Program
February 28, 2012 February 2012 Program
January 24, 2012 January 2012 Program
December 06, 2011 Annual CFC-ASTD Silent Auction and Holiday Program
October 29, 2011 Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk-Team Bodacious Tatas
October 25, 2011 October Program
September 27, 2011 September Program
September 09, 2011 Professional Development Event
August 23, 2011 August Program
July 30, 2011 July Community Service Project-Habitat for Humanity
June 28, 2011 Activity-Based Learning: Integrating interactivity into your facilitation
May 22, 2011 May Meet and Eat during ICE
April 26, 2011 The Role of Training & Development: Facilitating Organizational Change through Strategic Alignment
March 22, 2011 Succession Planning from the Middle Up
February 22, 2011 Learn from the EXPERTS
January 25, 2011 INFLUENCER: The Power To Change Anything
November 16, 2010 Beyond This Point There Will Be Dragons
October 26, 2010 Battling the Beasties
October 25, 2010 Building Facilitation Skills
October 08, 2010 Building Facilitation Skills
September 28, 2010 Converting Your Training to E-Learning: Lumps, Bumps, and Bruises
August 24, 2010 Leadership vs. Management, Recognizing the Balance
July 27, 2010 What can you do to get a competitive edge in the field of Training and Development?
September 22, 2009 Managing Change

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